I’m a creative writer, journalist and editor based in San Francisco. I have written for over a dozen online and print publications and my articles have been syndicated in the United States and Israel. Once, someone even translated something I wrote into German

I have written about art, entertainment, politics, Jewish issues, games, technology (sometimes all at once) and other topics, but consider myself a storyteller above all else. As such, I’m eager to follow a good story wherever it takes me.

I write news stories regularly for GameSpot and PC Gamer.

At GamePro and Inside Network I cultivated and managed other freelancers and assisted writers in every capacity, transcribing, copyediting and fact-checking. Since 2011 I also worked for IDG World Expo and the ESA as a contributing editor, creating and uploading content for the E3 Show Daily and the award winning E3 Insider.

As a lover and student of film, I have written and produced my own projects and have taken on different roles in larger productions, some of which have gone on to appear in international film festivals and television.

You can contact me at